Thermal Vision Pro


So you might be wondering how does it work?

Thermal Vision is designed to give business owners and employees an alert if a customer’s body temperature exceeds the predetermined threshold. Unlike other thermal cameras in the market the Thermal Vision Pro has a reference point called a Blackbody Calibrator which is used as a reference point to calibrate temperature readings. This calibration gives our camera the edge over others in the market with an accuracy of ± 0.5 °F degrees. Thermal Vision Pro also creates an archive of pictures where when someone enters the field of view their face is captured and stored.

Two Cameras In One

Our camera can record and detect both a normal 1920x1080p unfiltered view and thermal detection at the same time.

multipoint detection
Multi-point Detection

This gives our product an edge over competitors as our accuracy is ± 0.5 °F degrees.

Easy Installation

Mount the camera on the given tripod or any custom mount.


The Thermal Vision Pro is capable of accurate readings from 20 feet away.


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Now you have given customers the security that they are being protected.

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