Thermal Vision Pro

Thermal Vision Pro is a temperature detection system that employs infrared thermal imaging and smart sensor technology to read the body
temperatures of individuals. The system can identify slight body temperature elevation, with an accuracy of ± 0.5 °F. With a detection distance of 20 ft, Thermal Vision Pro provides high efficiency, contactless temperature detection. The system can substantially mitigate the risk spreading viral infection.When the temperature exceeds the predetermined threshold, it generates an alarm for its operators. Thermal Vision Pro improves business productivity and provides a safer environment.

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Thermal Vision Kiosk

Thermal Vision Kiosk adopts the high performance hardware
platform of Rockchip Qualcomm, which is equipped with industrial level binocular camera and face recognition technology as well as an infrared body temperature measurement module. The recognition rate of 1:1 is over 99.7% . This device supports body temperature measurement with a distance over 1 meter at 0.5 °F of accuracy It supports ID card reader, fingerprint device and many other user ends, and can be applied to entrance gateways and access control to realize the safe and efficient entrance and exit of personnel.

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